Friday, February 5, 2016

Noe and Doris Visit Us

We were thankful to have a three week visit from friends who we discipled in ministry. The first week was spent together at family camp in Trujillo. The first part of the second week in Lima. And the last two weeks in Huancayo. 
What a blessing to share more time in the ministry, tours, and family games. I told them that I would pass these pictures to them through our blog so that they could have them. Normally we don't share so many pictures of one event but also want to express our appreciation for their encouragement to us. 
 A night of "smoothies" made the fellowship even that much sweeter.
 Noe and Doris wanted to learn how to play different new games.
 They are both good Peruvian cooks. Our family really enjoyed the Peruvian dishes that they made for us.

 They assisted with work on our patio and flower garden to make it look better.
 Our children enjoyed showing them video games and table games throughout their stay.

 They also painted our bathroom for us.

 The Mantaro Valley has so many touristic things to offer. We had fun seeing the overlooks, parks, and more...

 Our dog "Max" was fearless when climbing with us at "Torre Torre".

 They went with us to see our different "Markets" and shopping centers.

 The finished "newly painted" bathroom. Thank you Noe and Doris!

 Pictures can't describe the emotions of this day. Noe and Matthew are afraid of carnival rides but still got involved. It was a first time experience for many of the things with Noe and Doris.

 The picture doesn't show clearly the snow peak mountains behind us that we were able to enjoy viewing.

 What a blessing they were to our church people through special music, sharing testimonies, and serving in the church.

 Our children appreciated them even more when they did their house-chores for them while they were in school. They expressed such a servants heart with a willing spirit.

 Noe felt comfortable getting involved with our church even in playing soccer.

 We couldn't let them leave without trying Huancayo "Pachamaca". A special Peruvian dish cooked with hot rocks in the ground.

 Noe and Doris jumped right in without hesitation when our church gathered together to prepare "Tracts" for our Evangelism Outreach event.
 Thankful for all those who participated in preparing for this upcoming event.
 The exchange of contact information in the last church service together. Glad to see our friends in ministry having fellowship together.
 Noe wanted to help my wife at the super-market.
 Even our dog will be missing his play time with them.
 A special thank you to Noe and Doris for your visit and encouragement.