Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trip to the States

Our last day in Perú before leaving for the States on our first furlough. We were able to receive our children's residence visas (good for the next year), visit the Indian market, and say our goodbyes to our friends. 

 We left from EFATA Baptist Church at 9:00pm and arrived at the airport at 10:00pm to check in internationally three hours before our flight at 1:00am on July 1st. We landed safely in Miami where we had to pick up our bags and go through american customs and catch our joining flight to Detroit. We praise the Lord for a smooth flight and hassle free customs. While waiting for our flight to Detroit we each tried to catch some sleep.

 We flew into Detroit at 3:30pm on July 1st where my family was waiting with welcome signs and smiles.
 We were so thankful that Jon's dad was able to pick up our rental van from Kansas and have it ready for us at the airport when we arrived. Four of our bags were delayed in Miami but delivered to us the next morning.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

EFATA Baptist Church

EFATA Baptist Church is another one of those ministries that have been an encouragment to us while in Perú. It was a joy to be able to lend a hand with their work with the deaf while being able to stay with them. We enjoy spending time with our friends at EFATA. 
 Each week they take the deaf school children to the park for Physical Education classes. They have many different classes to choose from (Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Karate, etc...)

 Of course, we finally got to celebrate our birthday's as we saved up to go to restaurants in the capital city of Lima that was not available while living in the mountains.
 Our children having fun with their friends from EFATA.

Horeb Baptist Church in Los Olivos Perú

Horeb Baptist Church has been an encouragement to us while in Peru. Jon was able to take a missions trip with the Pastor into the Amazon where they discussed the possibility of working together upon our return from the States in preparing for the start of the new church in the mountains. Horeb Baptist is seeking to expand not only its own facility to better equip the saints but to expand its missions heart in assisting other ministries as well.

 What a blessing to get a chance to preach and present our desire to return to Perú to work together in this ministry to further the Gospel of Christ.

 Matthew immediately bonded with people as a greeter at the door.

 What a delight to see the projects communicated and displayed for all to be a part of working together.

Our last single-adults activity in Andahuaylas

We had fun challenging the single-adults to grow in their walk with God and in Christian Fellowship by making two teams and competing each week. Our last activity was held at the Home center where we were able to enjoy a fire, fellowship, games, Nisha's pizza, soccer under the lights, volleyball, and more.

 It was difficult to play foosball while eating brownies and ice cream but they managed some how.

 Jon gives his last devotional challenge to continue to grow and do God's Will. I appreciated the testimonies to follow of the growth throughout the last couple of years.